Annulé – Diner-causerie du mois de février : Competing Representations of Kabbalah in Latin American Neo-Fascism

Résumé : Lecture will discuss three trends in the representation of kabbalah by neo-fascist ideologues in Argentina and Chile during the 1970s and 1980s: (1) the nacionalista anti-kabbalah of the Argentine Catholilc priest Father Julio Meinvielle’s 1970 polemic De la cábala al progresismo; (2) the “Aryan kabbalah” of Chilean occultist Miguel Serrano’s Hitlerismo esoterico trilogy (published under Pinochet); and (3) the Argentine neo-Nazi propagandist Federico Rivanera Carlés’s anthology of León Dujovne’s Spanish translation of the Zohar—El Judaismo desenmascarado a través del Zohar (published during the transition to democracy under Alfonsín). After providing a contextualized overview of the three projects, the lecture will compare the respectively polemical and appropriationist strategies of the three projects. Analysis will focus on the relationship of these projects to one another, and their relationship to contemporaneous academic kabbalah scholarship. It will also raise questions about the various factors that made kabbalah an irresistible topic for three neo-fascist thinkers staking their careers on competing ideological claims during times of extraordinary political instability.