Diner causerie du mois d’avril : Performative History Before History and Why All History is Activist History.

Résumé : This presentation addresses the divide between History as a discipline and Activism. This divide is also present in the Research vs Activism and Scholarship vs Action dichotomies and is also present in the distinction between History and public History. Why do (some) historians in this time and age insist in holding the two apart? Is this defining of its disciplinary culture? What logic does it obey? To what end are the two held separate? Caught between the Social Sciences and the Humanities, art and science, in diverse contexts homogenized by institutions historians continuously grapple with questions of motivation and intent and the uses of History. This echoes the separation between art and craft, art and design, science and industry. This presentation explores this divide and reflects on the possibility of there being a working definition of activism that does not empty up History of its inherent capacity for effecting transformation, and for historians to stop being apologetic about engagement through History.